We are a sports performance practice that specializes in Sports Counseling and Sports Nutrition.  Our mission is to empower athletes, coaches and families to train and perform at the highest level.

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While physical training conditions muscle and technique, mental training shapes the way our minds approach practice and competition. Nutrition training prepares and recovers the body for optimal physical and mental performance.   With proper mental and nutrition strategies, your physical ability will be strengthened and your focus sharpened.

When we harness the power of mental and nutritional training, we unlock the ability to have a growth mindset in every play, turn and routine.

Jontony Professional Counseling provides clinical counseling and nutrition services for athletes and active individuals – from the professional, to the collegiate student-athlete, to the weekend warrior.

Learn how to use your mind and nutrition to exponentially enhance your athletic ability.


Empowering performance through mental and nutritional wellness