It is estimated that 40 million adults in the U.S. have an anxiety disorder.

Feeling anxious in normal.  In fact, if you don’t feel it, you are either a liar or you don’t even know its there.  Often times, anxiety can be seen as excitement in anticipation of an event coming up.  It can help us prepare and plan better for the future.  However, anxiety becomes a problem when we are responding in fear to a situation, preventing us from thinking and literally paralyzing our bodies from moving.

There are different types of anxiety and what it is that makes people anxious, but there are similarities within all of them.  Here are ways anxiety affects us:

Emotionally: fear of losing control, feeling restless, dreading the future

Physically: heart racing, tense muscles, pain, upset stomach, sweating, headache, lightheaded, insomnia, shallow breathing

Psychologically: Poor concentration, disassociation (detaching from physical or emotional experiences), excessive worry, expecting the worst

What you can do about it

Face it head on. Engage in your life. Choose your habits.  This will help shape your lifestyle and empower you to overcome anxiety.

  • Be active – at least 5 days per week engage in something that raises your heart rate
  • Proper deep breathing
  • Healthy food plan
  • Speak with a professional counselor
  • Meditate/Journal, reflect on what is causing you to be anxious
  • Get involved in church or volunteering

Anxiety does not have to rule your life any longer. Call our office and schedule an appointment where we can make a personalized approach to living in freedom.