We provide online telehealth coaching or seminars for clients anywhere using a secure portal that protects your health information. We can also provide in-person seminars if preferred for those located in Columbus, OH.

Personalized Performance Nutrition Package

How you fuel your body can lead to significant performance increases and body composition change. This package provides personalized suggestions based on your sport, lifestyle, body size and goals and tailors an interactive meal plan for you to follow day-to-day. Includes one initial 60min nutrition assessment and personalized meal plan guide, one 30min follow up and meal plan guide adjustment and a Grocery List for weekly planning. Perfect option for those seeking to individualize their nutrition for performance or weight management. 

College Prep Nutrition Package

For the high school student athlete with a goal to compete in collegiate athletics. Maximize your recruiting potential by caring for every aspect of your training – including how you prep and recover outside of practice with your fueling habits. This package includes an initial 1-hour assessment and three 30min follow up appointments scheduled weekly for a 1 month intensive, or spread out every 2-4 weeks. We evaluate your current dietary habits and make small changes to inch you towards a healthy lifestyle that prepares your body for collegiate athletics. 

 Meal Prep Guide Package

A 5-day Recipe Guide with coordinating Grocery List for a week of healthy meals based on your personal food preferences. Customized to your lifestyle (home-cooked / take out / dorm options) and your nutrition focus (muscle building / gut health / immunity / allergen-friendly, etc). Perfect option for those who want a straight-forward plan to orient their lifestyle towards wellness.

 Nutrition Seminar

Interactive seminar to teach nutrition education to your team of athletes, coaches, and/or parents. Topics include sport-specific nutrition strategies, gut health and performance, wellness lifestyle, meal-prep strategies. Call for more if you have a specific topic of interest in mind!


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