It’s hard to imagine a world where people communicate effectively, are considerate of others’ opinions, or even willing to do a truly selfless act.  Whether it’s your family, your team or even your social media account, effective communication is hard work!

It’s exhausting, time consuming, strenuous “character building work,” so why even try?!

Why not sit back and make sure other people are realizing their own problems? You might even convince them that your issues are theirs if you get really good at being toxic.

We’ve put together 8 easy steps to live a life with the least amount of responsibility.

We can’t guarantee it will be an enjoyable life but we can promise this: none of it will be your fault [in your eyes] if you follow through on these 8 toxic steps!

  1. Own no responsibility of anything bad that happens, especially no apologizing
  2. Blame and label others often- the more distorted thinking and language you have, the closer you are to your most toxic potential
  3. Encourage no one. They might start coming around more, and that’s exhausting
  4. Don’t have hope for better outcomes – there’s nothing better for a toxic person than snuffing out that light at the end of the tunnel
  5. Be unpredictable! This can keep people in a loop wondering if it’s their fault
  6. Make others prove themselves to you over and over – this gives you a position of power over others and is a great test to see what they are willing to do for you
  7. Manipulate others – for the toxic person, it’s all about you, so get others to do the dirty work for you
  8. Focus on as many issues as possible – this can be fun for the toxic person, because, who knows where it will take your emotions? Which really means you can blame that on someone else too!

So get cracking!  Bring your own creative toxic vibe wherever you go!

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